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  1. Mark

    Add triplet over multiple chords

    Just a note that I've cleaned up the help documentation relating to adding a triplet over multiple chords, which you can find about 2/3 down the page here: The newly updated info: Use “Rhythm over Chords” mode. Place the cursor by the first chord...
  2. Mark

    Post comments under/over measure instead of before/after

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make sure this is on the wish list.
  3. Mark

    Won’t save additions to previous chart

    Hello! Sorry to hear about the issue. I do think your idea of creating a new chart is the way to go. And please make sure you have the latest version of 1Chart. (Go to the "?" Help menu > Credits, and you'll find the version # at the end of that screen. Latest version is 2.1.3.) I'll PM you my...
  4. Mark


    Good stuff. Thanks for the tip, @Bjarne Bertelsen.
  5. Mark

    Post comments under/over measure instead of before/after

    Thanks for the progression library idea, StanleyRH! I will make sure I've got this documented in the wish list. Lyric cues are possible using the Comment feature, if that helps you out. But I am looking into additional style/placement/location options for lyrics and comments.
  6. Mark

    Delete chart from app

    Hello! Bring up the Charts list (by tapping "Charts" at top left, if you're currently editing/viewing a chart) and swipe left on the row showing the title of the chart you want to delete. Or you can hit the "Edit" button in Charts view, then tap one or multiple red dots. Hope that helps...
  7. Mark

    Android, please?

    Hi Terry, sorry, but right now there aren't any plans to develop an Android version. What I said above still stands, though... I'm keeping an eye on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to sign up here and express your interest. I appreciate it.
  8. Mark

    My mic stand Gewa stand

    Not too ugly if it works. :) The Hercules ones are a little more expensive, I guess? And then there's K&M...
  9. Mark

    Carlos from Madrid, Spain

    Hi Carlos, and welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself and for sharing a bit about how you use the app. I can certainly understand using letter chords for more complex tunes. Even if someone is completely fluent in Numbers, it's sometimes helpful just to go straight to letter chords for certain...
  10. Mark

    Drummers: Requesting Your Input!

    If you're a drummer using 1Chart and would like to offer input on future development in the app, please drop me a line. You can reach me via private message (aka "start a conversation") here in the community, or feel free to email me via the contact form. Thanks!
  11. Mark

    Export PDF w/ black background?

    Great to hear you're enjoying the app! Black background on pdf exports... that was not on the wish list, but I will add it! Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Mark

    Writing a Chord with diminished third in NNS?

    Maybe 1dim3? With the "dim3" superscript. Or 1bb3? Interesting discussion at music.stackexchange about this chord...
  13. Mark

    Collaborating on Charts

    Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to outline an approach for this.
  14. Mark

    How to write a bass walkup

    Gotcha! Thanks, bw99.
  15. Mark

    Diamond on 3?

    Thanks, @bw99. Making plans for a 2019 update, so I appreciate the input.
  16. Mark

    Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

    Forgot to mention... About using a PDF reader to go forward/back through charts, did you mean using the CODA pedal? That would depend on the PDF app, so I'm not sure about that. Otherwise, you might find it more straightforward overall just to navigate in 1Chart using Performance Mode.
  17. Mark

    Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

    To navigate from chart to chart in a Notebook: Navigate to your notebook in the left-hand list view. Enter Performance Mode by tapping the lock at top of screen Swipe from right to left to go to the next chart, or left to right to go to the previous chart This lets you "page through" your...
  18. Mark

    Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

    Hi Radley, good to hear you’re liking 1Chart! Right now the swipe gesture is the only way to go forward/backward through notebooks (aside from navigating via the notebook menu, of course). But I’m hearing a number of requests for Bluetooth page-turn capability and have it on the consideration...
  19. Mark

    How to write a bass walkup

    No pickup note functionality yet... and I really don't have a good workaround for you. You could do some kind of trick using "notes" (numbers) in parens or a box with rhythm above, or something like that, but it's non-standard. PIckup notes are definitely on the wish list.