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  1. Mark

    "Split view" request

    Yes, that was on the Apple side. Stage Manager is apparently still evolving. Thank you for the update!
  2. Mark

    Performance Mode Enhancement

    Thanks for this list, @baskara. Great stuff! And #1 is something I don't think has been raised before — can certainly understand the scenario. I'll make sure all of these are documented/upvoted on the wish list.
  3. Mark

    "Split view" request

    :) That does sound like something that might have changed during an OS update. If you're talking specifically about how 1Chart behaves in this scenario, can you drop me a line via (and maybe include a screenshot)? Thanks!
  4. Mark

    "Split view" request

    Glad you're liking 1Chart, @Timpa! Melody notation is on the wish list, for sure, and I'll make sure split view is on the list and upvoted. Thanks for taking the time to offer input!
  5. Mark

    Support for page-turning pedals

    @Greibu5h, we haven't added this feature yet, but I'm still asking that folks stay tuned. In the meantime, there is a (somewhat involved) method mentioned here that people have had success with...
  6. Mark

    Music PDF apps (introduction)

    Well, when you put it like that... :) @Scrummy and @1KE, I'll be in touch via direct message to find out a little more about your workflows.
  7. Mark

    Android, please?

    Still nothing to announce about either Android or Mac, but thanks for your interest. If we do dive into either platform, I'll be sure to provide an update here!
  8. Mark

    The possibility of use iCloud to backup my charts

    In short, stay tuned. :) We're working on a few things. Don't be surprised if it doesn't all hit in the next update, but we're working on it. In the meantime, please know that as long as you have your iPad set to back up, your iPad's data (including 1Chart files) is saved and can be used to...
  9. Mark

    Double-tapping to select text

    @1KE, thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll take this forward as we're looking at enhancements for editing. And there are a couple of pointers I can pass along right now that will (hopefully) make some of this easier. Where I've inserted [TAP AWAY] above, tap away to any other area of the...
  10. Mark

    Two Questions about using program: Crescendos/Decrescendos & bottom #’s

    @Redgrizz... 1. Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like a bug, but from testing here, there's an easy workaround: Type "end measure" after the second 4 chord. In other words, type "end measure" after the last chord on that line. Let me know if that doesn't work for you. 2. Mschinke's steps...
  11. Mark

    Suggestion for a future update

    Great to hear you're enjoying the app! Noted about being able to change size of an individual measure. There's no feature allows that right now. I'm guessing you're using Align Measures when you run into this challenge? As in, more rhythm notation than can fit into a particular column? If you...
  12. Mark

    Plus symbol appearing after m

    @TheDDingeldein, the rectangle and "+" are an indication — when you're in Align Measures mode — that there's too much content to fit within the column for that particular measure. Tapping the "+" will temporarily expand the measure to show all content. Using fewer measures per line will give...
  13. Mark

    Deleting files

    The quickest way is to delete the app from your iPad, then reinstall it from the app store. Just be sure you really want to delete all your charts before doing this! If there are certain charts you want to save, you can collect them in a notebook first, then export the notebook (in 1Chart...
  14. Mark


    Thanks for confirming! In cases where you know you're going to be working with a printout/pdf you can't manipulate, you might try using a comment to write out what the mod is. Image below shown an example (the arrow is an emoji). The mod function, as currently designed, is really intended for...
  15. Mark


    @Robb, I want to be sure I'm understanding... Your scenario involves using printed charts or pdf's of charts, is that right? Otherwise, if you're in 1Chart, you could simply adjust the key in the header to whatever you want — and all of the mods would adjust too, if you wanted.
  16. Mark

    Symbols to indicate repeat...

    For repeating a section twice, I'd wrap it in the Begin and End Repeat symbols (the two symbols on the left in the image below). It can be assumed that content contained within those symbols is to be played twice. In case you ever need to indicate "play this 3X" or 4X, etc., you can use the...
  17. Mark

    Hello and (as mentioned in my thread reply) thanks for offering to provide input on drum...

    Hello and (as mentioned in my thread reply) thanks for offering to provide input on drum notation. Can you let me know a little about 1) how you're using the app now, and 2) what you'd like to see in the app as relates to drum notation? If it's easier, feel free to email
  18. Mark

    Drummers: Requesting Your Input!

    @Robf, I'll be in touch via direct message. There's currently no drum/groove notation in the app, but it is on the wish list. Thanks for offering to provide input!
  19. Mark

    Search into my charts

    Hi @lester8meneses, that's a feature we hope to add in an upcoming version. Thanks for the request, and please let me know if you have other questions!
  20. Mark

    segno, repeats

    Turning on "Align Measures" in Chart Settings will offset those characters to the left, and maintain a "column" look.