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  1. Mark

    Mac Version

    Robert, good to hear from you, and thanks for chiming in here! I appreciate the feedback. We’ll definitely take this into consideration as we’re planning updates.
  2. Mark

    Staff for Standard Notation or Tab - or Paste?

    The hash mark is tailor made for this — indicating how many beats for a particular chord. Like the attached... the Am chord gets two beats. (This screenshot is from 1Chart, unlike the above.)
  3. Mark

    Staff for Standard Notation or Tab - or Paste?

    Do you mean like the attached image? If so, there's nothing like that in 1Chart currently. Are you basically trying to indicate "play/strum here" without specifying an exact rhythm pattern? Or let me know if something else.
  4. Mark

    Staff for Standard Notation or Tab - or Paste?

    Stay tuned...this will likely be farther behind the feature mentioned in your other post, but we've got it on the wish list.
  5. Mark

    Navigating Long List Of Songs

    @jac, thanks for chiming in. We have the index (and search in the Charts view) on the priority list for a future update. Please stay tuned.
  6. Mark

    Fantastic app!

    Thanks, @ggabrielcamacho! We've got most of these items on a high-priority list. Please stay tuned.
  7. Mark

    I love the app but PLEASE add a search box

    Thanks, @lester8meneses. I will see if we can get this baked into the next release.
  8. Mark

    Swiping to next chart in notebook

    Yes... Tap the lock icon at top right to enter Performance Mode, and then you can swipe back and forth between charts.
  9. Mark

    Push symbol enhancements

    There's no definitive way to do this currently, but there are at least a couple of workarounds... This screenshot shows the simplest way. Type your chord twice (in a single measure). Add three quarter notes above the "first" chord and a quarter-note push above the second chord. The second...
  10. Mark

    Android 1 Chart application to be launched..?

    Thanks for the interest, @nickscottbelfast! At this stage, we don't have any immediate plans for an Android version. Hope this helps. If you do pick up an iPad, of course we'd love to have you as a customer. I can vouch for the quality of the "entry-level" iPads these days, by the way, if that...
  11. Mark

    Dealing with Overflow

    Thanks, @Shael. We'll give this another look.
  12. Mark

    Can't log in using new iPad

    Hello! I believe we're in touch by email now, so we'll keep the conversation going there. Thanks!
  13. Mark

    v2.3 rolling out

    v2.3 is in the App Store and being made available to existing users in a phased rollout. 1Chart v2.3 requires iPadOS 14 or later and features the following updates: When adding charts to a notebook, a new “Select All Charts” button makes it easier to create an exportable notebook containing...
  14. Mark

    Power Chord

    If the superscript 5 isn't ideal, you might like "Eno3" better. "no3" is superscripted. Fyi the "no" is available via the catchall "+oø" key in 1Chart. I can add the baseline 5 idea to the wish list.
  15. Mark

    Power Chord

    I'd type it as E5, which I think is pretty common. (Just to confirm... the 5 is superscripted in 1Chart.)
  16. Mark

    Import Notebook not working

    No worries, @benmak!
  17. Mark

    Import Notebook not working

    1Chart does not yet support iCloud sync, but we're working on that... as well as a one-button "add all charts to notebook" feature. Please stay tuned. General fyi... As @benmak has noted, 1Chart does currently support iCloud backup.
  18. Mark

    Import Notebook not working

    @1KE, I'll be in touch via direct message so we can figure out what's going on.
  19. Mark

    Managing charts/lyric sheets

    Great point, @ggabrielcamacho. It's not a one-shot cut/paste action, but what you've shown is 100% do-able in the app... as your screenshot proves!
  20. Mark

    Dark mode and automatic synchronization

    Glad you like the app, @ggabrielcamacho! Stay tuned... we're working on addressing some of your requests. I should qualify that MacOS is not something we have in the works right now, but it's still possible farther down the road. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts!