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  1. grahamspice

    Symbols to indicate repeat...

    Thanks for your quick reply! I’ll check all this out later today. I hope my fast-aging eyes can handle the smaller font size!
  2. grahamspice

    Symbols to indicate repeat...

    Hi Mark - when I'm using the "end repeat" symbol at the end of a line, a small brown rectangle appears with a + in the middle. I didn't think anything of it until exporting to PDF, and that little brown rectangle with the + in the middle appears on the exported PDF, which isn't what I want ;)...
  3. grahamspice

    Won’t save additions to previous chart

    Are there any other new features or updates in this new version? thanks for your continued development
  4. grahamspice

    Music PDF apps (introduction)

    Agree on all accounts with 1KE
  5. grahamspice

    Section spacing

    Agreed. More control over pagination is key