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  1. Mark

    Writing a Chord with diminished third in NNS?

    Maybe 1dim3? With the "dim3" superscript. Or 1bb3? Interesting discussion at music.stackexchange about this chord...
  2. Mark

    Collaborating on Charts

    Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to outline an approach for this.
  3. Mark

    How to write a bass walkup

    Gotcha! Thanks, bw99.
  4. Mark

    Diamond on 3?

    Thanks, @bw99. Making plans for a 2019 update, so I appreciate the input.
  5. Mark

    Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

    Forgot to mention... About using a PDF reader to go forward/back through charts, did you mean using the CODA pedal? That would depend on the PDF app, so I'm not sure about that. Otherwise, you might find it more straightforward overall just to navigate in 1Chart using Performance Mode.
  6. Mark

    Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

    To navigate from chart to chart in a Notebook: Navigate to your notebook in the left-hand list view. Enter Performance Mode by tapping the lock at top of screen Swipe from right to left to go to the next chart, or left to right to go to the previous chart This lets you "page through" your...
  7. Mark

    Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

    Hi Radley, good to hear you’re liking 1Chart! Right now the swipe gesture is the only way to go forward/backward through notebooks (aside from navigating via the notebook menu, of course). But I’m hearing a number of requests for Bluetooth page-turn capability and have it on the consideration...
  8. Mark

    How to write a bass walkup

    No pickup note functionality yet... and I really don't have a good workaround for you. You could do some kind of trick using "notes" (numbers) in parens or a box with rhythm above, or something like that, but it's non-standard. PIckup notes are definitely on the wish list.
  9. Mark

    AirTurn PED

    Thanks for well wishes for 2019! And thanks for chiming in on page-turn functionality. It's on the list for consideration, so consider it up-voted.
  10. Mark

    Latest iPad $229 (now back to $299) at Amazon (32gb)

    Just fyi, if you're in the market for a new iPad:
  11. Mark

    Little Red Corvette

    I think it's a Db... I had to really listen to the bass part in that section. :)
  12. Mark

    Sorry... dumb possibly repetitive question

    The topic of music copyright gets complicated pretty quickly, and I don't profess to be a legal expert on the matter (which is why I've had to consult with others on it). But basically, when thinking about a chart that documents chords + arrangement + rhythmic detail, you've got something that...
  13. Mark

    Little Red Corvette

    I gave this version a listen... ...and basically I'm hearing (using the asterisk as a way to separate out the phrases in the chorus): Verse: Gb Ab Bbm Chorus: Gb Ab Db * Gb Ab Bbm Ab * Gb Ab Db * Gb Ab But you could definitely play the song a half-step lower — starting in F...
  14. Mark

    File cannot be created error message

    Glad everything's sorted out! Thanks!
  15. Mark

    File cannot be created error message

    Hi, I just replied to your support email. Let me know if you didn't receive that. Thanks!
  16. Mark

    2/4 bar

    Or another option... Put a box around the measure, with the same two hash marks.
  17. Mark

    Sorry... dumb possibly repetitive question

    There's nothing out there that I'm aware of. There are copyright issues that come into play... Ultimate Guitar apparently has licensing deals with publishers, or at least some publishers.
  18. Mark

    Post comments under/over measure instead of before/after

    Thanks for mentioning this, bw99. I'll give Piascore a look.
  19. Mark

    Change chart key without transposing ANYTHING already charted

    Hi @bw99, glad you found the workaround... But yes, would be preferable to not have to go through the extra steps. We do have a "don't change anything I've already charted" option marked as high priority for the next major update. For anyone who's wondering what the workaround is, please see...
  20. Mark

    Accent Symbol over note duration

    Yes, the dot is also on the list! Thanks, Daniel.