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  1. K

    Support for page-turning pedals

    Thanks for your reply. :) It's on my wish list too!!!
  2. K

    Support for page-turning pedals

    Hi you all. Do you know of any page-turning pedal (a la iRig BlueTurn, for example) that supports 1Chart for iPad?
  3. K

    My mic stand Gewa stand

    This is mine: You can attach it anywhere in the mic stand or remove the grip part and just screw it to the mic stand screw. True, it's ugly, I prefer the Hercules ones
  4. K

    Carlos from Madrid, Spain

    Hi! I'm Carlos from Madrid, Spain, bass player in country, soul and rock bands. I got the app a few weeks ago and it's worth every single penny, makes chart creation such a breeze. Although I almost always use the number system, it's great to have the option to use letters instead because I...