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    How to delete a section?

    How do you delete a section? I can delete the chords in a section, but I'm still left with the section name with no apparent way to delete it. For example: IntroA: C G C G IntroB: Am F Am F V1: C C C C G G G G I want to delete all of IntroA. I can delete the chords but am left with an empty...
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    Multiple chords per measure

    I must be missing something - but I can't figure out how to enter two chords per measure. Example - song is 4/4. I'm aligning measures and showing the measure guidelines. I want chords on beats 1 and 3 of each measure. I want this: C G | C D | C G | C D First try - I type C, G, End Measure and...
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    'Fixing' wrong initial key

    Is there any way to change the key without changing the chords? Example: I started charting a song using letters and neglected to set the key first. So - after charting my song in Ab with all my Ab Db and Eb chords, I realized the key signature in the header showed Key: C. I couldn't "fix" that...
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    Support for capo please!

    It would be great if 1Chart had support for capos. For example, I'm charting a song in the key of Db. Guitar plays the song as if in the key of C with a capo at fret 1. Problem is the key is indicated at the top correctly as Db, but I need to type all chords (as letters) as if in C. That's a...
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    Legend for rhythmic symbols?

    The top bar of the entry area in 1chart offers rhythmic notations: tick mark, solid circle, solid triangle, greater than, less than Switch to the "note" and the entry area offers diamonds, upside down triangles, more... I know a few of these. Tick mark is to indicate number of beats per chord...