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    How about an option that includes a staff

    Sometimes I like to write charts that include written out notes of an idea or important phrase.. if this had something like a sticky note with ledger lines for that it would be cool
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    Yes, i was working on it last night and changed some things... one thing, when I do align measures i cuts of some of my chords can you make it wider? Here is reference to adding beats to the 3 chords in a 4/4 measure
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    Digging this app

    Digging this app
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    Thank you! I love this app. Ive been looking for something like this for years. once i become familiar with it it will help a lot. So, boxin the measure makes it so you dont need to show the 4 beats in 4/4? Does this look right? I did this from memory so it may not be accurate...
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    Multiple chords per measure

    Where is the simile symbol?
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    I did not receive a welcome series email... How do you symbolize a chord over a note. GMaj7/A ?
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    Is there a basic tutorial? I just bought the IPad version. I would like to learn how to use this app properly from the beginning. There is nothing on the net or YouTube