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    Pop up melodies

    I would love for there be a way to add melody or riff charts that could be accessed as a popup. A lot of Nashville charts use the same number system to write out Melodies on a chart. The only difference is you'd just write numbers and rhythmic indications above or below, and take up less paper...
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    Worship charts

    A lot of the worship sites have those crappy charts that give no indication of timing. Sometimes they falsely advertise ad Nashville number charts, but one episode again there is no indication of timing and just the numbers above words. Lame. Is there any websites that give true NN charts...
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    Wish list for future updates

    I think I put this info in the wrong section earlier, sorry! I know of several features I'd like: printing from within app, option to export pdf to other apps- specifically iKlip Stage and it would be nice to be able to export an entire notebook to another app, that way you don't have to do...
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    iKlip Stage

    This app came with the iKlip micstand holder for iPad. You can import one chart files(after you have emailed the PDF or imported when hooking tablet to pc) it's very tedious to get the files to the app. ***It would be nice if you could export directly to the app.*** The reason I use this...
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    Cloud storage/backup

    does anybody else want cloud storage and backup? I've reset my iPad twice and lost 100+ charts because I forgot the app doesn't backup. Please include in the update!
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    Single notes

    I would love to be able to write single note melody lines and even be able to stack diad/triad info within that. Is there anyone else who plays In a worship band? It'd be great if there was a shareable database for charts...