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    1Chart pros and cons imho

    Hello fellow users. Over the last few weeks I've charted 51 tunes using 1chart and used in on stage for several gigs. Here's my opinion: The chord input is easy. I love being able to use standard notation to indicate the rhythms of the chords. That's vital in many of the funk tunes where the...
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    Saving & Backing Up

    Hello, I back up my iPad manually using iTunes and it is supposed to save "a full backup" on the computer. But what if the iPad is destroyed or lost, then the backup doesn't help me until I get another iPad - and the gig is tonight! So what is the best way to save charts/notebooks in case of...
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    Oops! I forgot to enter the key - now what?

    Hello, I’m a new user and made a rookie mistake. I entered all the chords in Letter mode and then realized I forgot to enter the key (which is D) So the app thinks I’m in C. Who cares? Well when I switch to Number mode my one chord (D) is shown as a two chord, and all the other numbers are off...