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  1. Joel

    Number Chart Pro - Font Package Number Chart Pro is a custom font package created by Rob Haines. Designed to be added to your computer as a selectable font in any word processing program. It allows you to use regular keystrokes to easily create charts with the Nashville Number System...
  2. Joel

    App Features Wishlist

    Thanks Mark! I definitely will. I'm a huge fan of nicely formatted charts. Up until I found this app I'd been using Microsoft Excel to create mine, in addition to a font package I purchased called "Number Chart Pro" - which lets you use regular keystrokes to easily create things like superscript...
  3. Joel

    App Features Wishlist

    I was recommended this app by a fellow musician friend of mine. What a fantastic app - its so easy to create charts, and quickly too. This is going to become a mainstay of my music making toolkit. There's a few things I'd like to see added as controllable features for future updates and...