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  1. Mark

    How about an option that includes a staff

    Like the sticky note analogy. Noted. (Pun not intended.)
  2. Mark


    Looks good, with the hash marks showing rhythm! Align measures might be tough with some of those wider four chord measures. You can try the smallest font size and, and just four measures per line, but at some point the columns are going to fill up. Some songs will work cleanly in Align...
  3. Mark


    Yes, since the header indicates 4/4, I'd look at that and assume each box represents 4 beats. The only thing is, where there are three chords in a measure, you might want to put some kind of rhythm notation indicating how the four beats are distributed. Unless you feel like everyone is so...
  4. Mark


    I'll check out the email issue and make sure you're on the list. (And you might want to check your spam folder.) For chord/bassnote, type: the part that goes on top (GMaj7 in your example) the "x/y" key the bass note Let me know if that helps.
  5. Mark


    Hi @Philly73Rhodes78 , I’d suggest starting with the email “welcome” series that you can sign up for in the app, if you haven’t already. Go to the “?” menu, select Welcome and scroll through to the last screen of the intro to sign up. Those emails give a good overview of the app. Also check out...
  6. Mark

    Multiple chords per measure

    You're just about to convince me. The underline is such a fundamental thing in the number system that it's taking me a minute to get there. :) I will add this to the list for consideration, with any "Underlines off" option probably being available only in "Align measures" mode.... since...
  7. Mark

    Multiple chords per measure

    Hi jac, by standard practice, your first try is correct. An underlined measure with two chords can be assumed to be evenly split between the two chords — unless there's rhythm notation indicating otherwise. I've attached a screenshot that can be read as four evenly split measures. In other...
  8. Mark


    Welcome, @T Wild! Great to have you here. is migrating to a new server this weekend, and since the community may be available intermittently while that change happens, I followed up with you from our support email address. Let me know if you didn't get that email. Thanks!
  9. Mark

    Potential further improvements

    Hi Paul, thanks for checking in. I don't have a timeline to announce right now for the next update, but please stay tuned. Both things you've mentioned are priorities (esp. the key-label bug fix).
  10. Mark

    Tie Triangles

    Several days later, and it hit me that you could notate that particular example as follows, with the parens indicating an implied, unplayed chord. Showing a couple of options, depending on whether you wanted to use the rest or not. Although I do realize the tie approach would be convenient!
  11. Mark


    Hi @Cjm110556... First, just want to mention that 1Chart is available only for the iPad at this point (no iPhone version). When it comes to syncing, there's no way right now to auto-sync between multiple iPads, but you can export all your charts in a 1Chart Notebook that can be imported into...
  12. Mark

    Tie Triangles

    No good reason it's missing, but I've placed it on the wish list. Thanks for bringing this up.
  13. Mark


    Hello... We definitely haven't decided against it! :)
  14. Mark

    Pop up melodies

    Nothing new to share on this at this time, but the feature is still something we eventually want to add. Thanks, @Comnexis.
  15. Mark

    Diamond issue?

    Great! Glad that helped.
  16. Mark

    Diamond issue?

    Hi @Chili, sounds like you're in "rhythm over spaces" mode (mostly used for adding rests). On the rhythm keyboard, tap that red key so it turns green, and you should be good!
  17. Mark

    'Fixing' wrong initial key

    Hi @jac, yes, that could be simplified! But here's a workaround to use (until a toggle option is added) when you realize you forgot to set the header key initially: At beginning of chart, add a mod ("adjust" off) to the correct "new" key. Ab in your example . Change header key ("adjust" off) to...
  18. Mark

    Support for capo please!

    Good stuff. All makes sense, and I'll make sure it's added to the wish list. But... here's something you can do right now in the app that may solve things for you. For the scenario you mentioned, with song in Db and guitar capo'd at 1st fret for a "capo key" of C... Add a comment and a mod like...
  19. Mark

    Difficulty selecting Box vs Underline for split bars

    Hi @eastvirginiablues, thanks for reporting this. We were unaware of this bug, but are able to reproduce it and will get it logged for a fix. In the meantime, a workaround, when you're working on longer charts where this issue gets especially problematic: Long-press the End Measure button to...
  20. Mark

    Suggestion : Allow boxed measures as default

    Hi Pete, I will add this to the wish list. Thank you for the feedback!