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  1. Mark

    v2.1.7 now rolling out

    1Chart v2.1.7 has been released and will be rolling out over the course of this week. This udpate includes quite a few bug fixes and performance improvements, including: Export functionality that works better with the iPad OS 13 experience Bug fix for an issue that could lead to (appearance of)...
  2. Mark

    Update: iPadOS 13 & 1Chart

    With Apple scheduled to release iPadOS 13 today (a few days ahead of their originally announced release date), I wanted to provide an update on 1Chart's compatibility with this latest OS. While they're not "showstoppers," there are a couple of known issues with running 1Chart v2.1.3 (the...
  3. Mark

    iPadOS 13 beta (and plans for compatibility)

    If you're tempted by Apple's iPadOS 13 public beta, stop right there! Unless you've got a spare "test" iPad and are not worried about the usual bugs and inconsistencies that come along with beta OS's, I wouldn't recommend installing this software. It's cool, but it does crash! And there are some...
  4. Mark

    Notating rests when you're "laying out"

    If you're wanting to notate a section with rests in 1Chart — to indicate that you're not playing for a portion of a song — you'll want to use the Rhythm Keyboard's "Rhythm Over Spaces" mode. Just tap the green key at top left to toggle from the default "Rhythm Over Chords" mode into Rhythm Over...
  5. Mark

    Add triplet over multiple chords

    Just a note that I've cleaned up the help documentation relating to adding a triplet over multiple chords, which you can find about 2/3 down the page here: The newly updated info: Use “Rhythm over Chords” mode. Place the cursor by the first chord...
  6. Mark

    Drummers: Requesting Your Input!

    If you're a drummer using 1Chart and would like to offer input on future development in the app, please drop me a line. You can reach me via private message (aka "start a conversation") here in the community, or feel free to email me via the contact form. Thanks!
  7. Mark

    Latest iPad $229 (now back to $299) at Amazon (32gb)

    Just fyi, if you're in the market for a new iPad:
  8. Mark


    If you're looking for ways to streamline communication with your bandmates, onstage and off, you might want to take a look at BandHelper. (I'm not affiliated with BandHelper, but the developer recently posted about 1Chart on his site, so I thought I could return the favor here.) BandHelper is...
  9. Mark

    Forum software upgrade — complete

    Those of you who've been around here for a while may have noticed there's a slightly different look to the community. We've just completed an upgrade to the latest forum software, and while there are a couple of cosmetic things that still need adjusting, all forum functionality should be working...
  10. Mark

    Heads up: iTunes Gift Cards 15% off [Ended]

    No affiliation, just a note that "Paypal Digital Gifts" is selling $100 iTunes gift cards for $85. A great gift, of course, but also a good way to effectively save 15% off apps for your brand new, just unwrapped iPad. Apparently it's a US-only deal. 12/26 Edit: Sold out.
  11. Mark

    Symbols to indicate repeat...

    Got a question about how to indicate "repeat chords." You can do that a couple of ways... Wrap the chord or chords in "begin repeat" and "end repeat" symbols (the two symbols on the left in the image below) If you want to indicate "repeat a measure," use one of the three symbols shown on the...
  12. Mark

    1Chart Keyboards disappearing? "Dock" the iOS Keyboard...

    If you find that after you've edited alpha text (song title, section label, comment, etc.) in 1Chart using the standard alpha-numeric keyboard, and then can't make 1Chart's keyboards appear by tapping within the chart, try this: Go to Apple's Notes app (included with iOS) Start typing in a note...
  13. Mark

    TIP: Getting Started with 1Chart (and the Number System)

    Just getting started with 1Chart and/or the Number System? The basics are straightforward, and within the app you'll find detailed help information, but I wanted to list a few more introductory ideas here. Even if you want to get to an advanced level with 1Chart/Numbers, it won't require a huge...
  14. Mark

    Rogue Amoeba Sale

    No affiliation, other than enjoying their apps... But wanted to let you know that Rogue Amoeba is having a rare sale on their Mac applications. These are great tools that handle small but sometimes "gotta-have-it" types of functionality for recording Mac system audio, extending AirPlay...
  15. Mark

    1Chart and iOS 11

    Testing so far has shown no issues using 1Chart on the latest iOS 11 beta (beta 7), but even with that, I wouldn't recommend moving to iOS 11 just yet. The standard rule of thumb applies: Don't use beta software when you're in mission-critical mode, whether that means you're relying on your...
  16. Mark

    Site/email downtime earlier today (support email impacted) was essentially down earlier today due to a DDoS attack on DreamHost's name servers. Everything appears to be back to normal now. If you tried to send a support email earlier today, please re-send!
  17. Mark

    v2.1 released (and now v2.1.2)

    v2.1 is live... if not already showing up in the App Store for you, it will be there soon. This update, like every 1Chart update to date, is free. Included in the release: Swipe left/right in Performance Mode to access next/previous chart. (Use in combination with Notebooks and a custom sort...
  18. Mark

    Still using iOS 8? Please read...

    If you've got 1Chart and are still using iOS 8, please make sure you've upgraded to 1Chart v2.0.2. (Go to 1Chart's "?" menu, then to Credits. You'll find the version # at end of Credits screen.) 1Chart v2.1 is coming soon, and will require iOS 9 or later. So if you're running an older...
  19. Mark

    Have an iPad Pro 12.9" & 1Chart? Interested in beta testing?

    If you currently have 1Chart and an iPad Pro 12.9 and are interested in doing some beta testing, please message me here or via the contact page. Thanks!
  20. Mark

    Article on origins of the Number System

    One of the most interesting things here is the image of Neal Matthew's chart for the Elvis tune, "Are You Lonesome Tonight," which uses shape notes for the Jordanaires' background vocal parts...