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    2/4 bar

    Brackets with 2 ,, above is how I show a 2/4 bar
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    Sorry... dumb possibly repetitive question

    Love that idea - although yeah, it would be difficult to get around the copyright issues. That said...Facebook allows friends to share files. It's how my band shares gig information...anyone up for joining a group? New to the notation system, but after depping with quite a few bands here in...
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    Overview: Anytune (transcription app)

    Loved the iOS version when I was primarily an Apple music lover... But since moving to Prime I found it just...doesn't work so well. If it's any help, I now use Transpose for Chrome - it was about £2.50 ($4 ish), and is great for slowing down tracks that I own (or 'borrow' from youtube...)...