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    How to write a bass walkup

    This is how I do it. When writing a chart for a full band, I leave out a lot of details that aren't essential to all players. The bass player can write in his notes for a pickup if he needs them written.
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    v2.1 released (and now v2.1.2)

    Hi, I've made about 100 charts since installing v2.0, with no serious problems. Just updated to 2.1, and made my first chart. After completing my chart, i tap top left corner to go back to my notebook from which i created the chart. Then I remember i need to change something and click on the...
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    A simple request for free text under chords...

    I'm loving the 1chart app - I've been making number charts for years and manage a collection of thousands for a local theater. It's taking me about twice as long to chart a song in 1chart as doing it by hand, but the end result is much cleaner and flexible, so it's well worth the time spent...