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    Notating rests when you're "laying out"

    You can kind of fake it using the parenthesis “no chord” symbol combined with a comment, for example to notate an 8 bar rest section.
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    Quick Notes & Highlighting Suggestion

    Extensive annotation/markup tools would be really nice, ala ForScore, but that could be a major R&D project. However importing a pdf into ForScore is a totally viable workflow, since the copy in ForScore will update and preserve annotations if a new version of the same pdf is reimported.
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    Idea: Option to Export pdf and 1ch files at the same time

    Just about every time I export a chart, I need to share the pdf AND the 1ch file. This is currently two separate Share>Send a Copy operations. Why not make it possible to check BOTH formats in the Send dialog?
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    Push symbol enhancements

    Push notations are something I see quite a bit of variance in from different chart authors. It seems there's always a little verbal explanation needed. Some people use < and > for pushes ahead and behind the downbeat respectively. Not bad, but what if I want to use > as an accent symbol? I like...
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    Drummers: Requesting Your Input!

    Hi Mark, I'm a drummer, although I don't use 1Chart for drum-specific charting. I'd be glad to offer feedback or volunteer for beta testing.
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    Collaborating on Charts

    How about an option of specifying a default save location when creating a chart? Like Chris, I'm collaborating with another user on a chart book. Once either of us creates a chart, we have to export it and save to our shared Dropbox folder. Make a change? That's another export step (boo!) What...
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    Diamond on 3?

    I agree--it would be nice if the diamond could be used interchangeably with hash marks over a single chord number. 2 hashmarks plus a diamond over a single chord would mean diamond on 3. That might be nice for the marcato symbol as well, say, to indicate a stop on beat 3, for example.
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    How to write a bass walkup

    Fair enough. For now, I just wrote out a split bar measure 567 then added the 1/8th notes above it and inserted a comment. For an enhancement, I'd like to do it the opposite way: write out the notation, then have the note numbers/letters ABOVE the notation.
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    How to write a bass walkup

    I need to notate a bass walkup as a pick-up bar. The walkup is a "5 6 7" on the 3& 4 4&. On a paper chart, I would just write out the pick up bar with 3 1/8th notes, with the bass note numbers written above. I don't see a way to do something similar in 1Chart and haven't found any threads...
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    Change chart key without transposing ANYTHING already charted

    As a 1Chart noob, I wrote out a chart without first specifying the key. Now I can't change it without affecting any non-modded sections I've already written. YES, I did see the workaround about inserting an artificial mod, but that's a pretty clumsy solution. Why not simply add an option when...
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    Post comments under/over measure instead of before/after

    +1 on more robust commenting. I also use Piascore for a sheet music viewer--its annotation tools are fantastic. It would be great to see 1Chart incorporate similar functionality.